Health and Wellness

Pathways To Healthy Living

Developing a wellness program that educates parents and youth on the radical health improvements that can be achieved by combining a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle.

During the school years, youth are experiencing great physical, psychological and social development. To ensure efficient growth of our children, we need to recognize their specific energy and nutrient requirements during their school years. Our aim is to build a maintainable and measurable wellness program that educates youth and their parents on the drastic health improvements that can be achieved by combining a wholesome diet with a healthy lifestyle.

A welcoming, safe environment for youth to come, spend time and be themselves. Fun activities include:

  • Cooking/Nutrition
  • Board Games & Puzzles
  • Sports
  • Biking
  • Computers

Activities will include the use of peer leaders, and pre-screened adult mentors who have experience in a given field.

  • Gardening
  • Cooking Classes
  • Bike clubs
  • 5K Clubs
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Park Play
  • Tennis
  • Wall Ball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Geocaching
  • Dance
  • Nutrition
  • Themed months for food/desserts
  • Groups/exhibits
  • Art classes (Art Show)
  • Video/photography classes (Short Film/Photo show)
  • Writing exhibits (Short Stories, Poems)
  • Music as Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Independent Living Skills: A course that teaches important life skills for adulthood, including: budgeting, finding an apartment, choosing a career, buying a car, and much more!
  • Healthy Relationships: A group that teaches about healthy friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships. Subjects include: communication, abuse, choosing a partner, boundaries, decision-making, and much more!
  • Cooking & Nutrition: A six-week course about nutrition where you make a different recipe each week.
  • Young Moms: A group for young moms and pregnant teens to talk about their daily stressors, share resources, help one another, and learn about parenting

The Children's Garden (coming soon)

  • Vegetables, herbs and fruit
  • Shaded seating for parents
  • Walking track
  • Grilling/Cooking station
  • Area for outdoor classes such as yoga, cooking, art and music classes
  • Fenced area for safety

Sensory play integrated throughout garden (i.e. music station, bean tee-pee or play house, sand box/water station and panels that encourage creative play)
Partnering with 4H Clubs, Boys and Girl Scouts and area schools

Nature Garden: Creation of a nature and vegetable garden with sensory awareness , a cooking station and small walking track.

Counseling: Work individually with a Case Manager to meet mental health goals that are important to you personally. If you want to learn about anger management, you can do this with a Case Manager individually.

Job/Career Preparation Services: Presentations, individual help with resumes and job searches, mock interviews, and help with planning for higher education.

Youth Advisory Board: Practice leadership skills, participate in activities, and help to plan events for other youth.

Resource Assistance: Need help finding a resource in the area? We can help connect you to what you need. We have information about medical services, food banks, housing assistance, shelters, and more! We also will have, when available, boxes of food for unaccompanied youth (youth that do not live with family), hygiene products, and winter gloves and hats.