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the round table

•To provide the consumer with an ongoing opportunity to meet with the individuals assisting in the transition.
•To empower the consumer as Round Table Leader to “take charge” of the transition process.
•To ensure that the consumer makes a safe transition that has the opportunity to be long-standing.

Initially: Consumer,Nursing Facility Social Worker, Community Choice staff person, and a representative from
the CIL where the Nursing Facility is located. At subsequent Round Tables: Individuals who are assisting the
consumer to make a safe transition. This can include: Nursing Facility Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Nutritionist, otherdisciplines that relate to the consumer’s disability, Vocational Rehab, family or interested friends,
and mentor. Attendance at a Round Table should depend on the consumer’s status regarding a particular issue. The
Round Table is focused around the question “What life do you want inthe community?” This helps the consumer
define his/her expectations and bring a realistic step-by-step approach to the goal articulated.This broad question is
the basis for increasing specifics about the ultimate goal of the consumer, until it is clear how the consumer sees him/herself living in the community. It includes possibilities of education, employment, community involvement, advocacy, socialization and increased independence.

The First Round Table Meeting
The consumer is encouraged to articulate the goal(s) and to see what strategiesit will take to achieve the goal(s). The consumer must agree to the steps necessary to achieve the goal(s).Write down information on who is responsible for various phone calls forapplications, who will follow up and when on the Independent Living Plan(ILP) document. Timeframes must be stated and a follow up meeting date set, if possible. This will be given to the consumer at the conclusion of the meeting.The discussion around the table is to assure that all possible issues are raised,discussed and a reasonable resolution is determined.