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Q: Who Can I Ask For Help?
A: There are many people who are available to assist you in your transition process. Do you have any friends or family who can offer support? Don’t be afraid to ask them for help! Check for support groups or peer mentors in your area who can provide encouragement or suggestions to help you on your way. Contact your local Center for Independent Living (view the section, Network of Support) to find out what services are available in your community.
Q: Where Will I Live?
A: You can use your support system and your local CIL to research housing and community options. See the section, Slow and Steady for a guide to figuring out this step.
Q: Will My Medical Needs Be Taken Care Of?
A: You will need to make a detailed list of your healthcare needs and share it with the people who are helping you transition. Together you can arrange to have those needs met! See the section Slow and Steady for healthcare planning tools.
Q: I Have a Home Already, But it is Not Accessible. Is it Possible for Me to Live There?
A: Again, consult your support team to find out what services are available in your area, but there are many ways your home can be made accessible to you. Think about your day-to-day activities, talk to your team of helpers, and read over the section Slow and Steady to learn more about home modification.
Q: What Will it be Like to be Out of the Nursing Home?
Each individual will have a unique experience after transitioningand your life will be what you decide to make of it. If you are afraid or nervous, try talking about it with someone or writing your feelings down. Your support team will be available to offer advice or information that can give you comfort. Check out the Freedom section of this site for some inspiration in planning your new life!